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Whatever your promise to customers is, we helps deliver. Our team brings the expertise in formulating and manufacturing so you can focus on what you do best: Making your brand shine.

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Manufacturing Experience

Since 1998, we have been focusing on improving the bath experiences of customers, continuously improving our products quality and service efficiency, and bringing more distinctive and comfortable experience to customers worldwide.

60 million

Output per year


Quality Assurance

From raw material collecting to the final packaging step, SOHO keep our full strength and enthusiastic to make sure our products with 100% perfect.

Bar Soap

We manufacture a diverse range of bar soaps to meet our wide range of customers needs. Choose from: • Olive oil, vegetable soap or soap free cleanings bars • Traditional Palm Oil (both RSPO and non RSPO) • Transparent /Translucent soap (ultra-high Glycerin content) • pH 5.5 Soap Free Cleansing Bars • Palm Oil Free • Pure Coconut Oil • Shampoo Bars • Conditioner Bars • Combi bars Available from 15 grams – 300 grams. Minimum Order Quantity: 3,000 units (excluding ammenities soap) Product Method/Shape: • Rough cut • Rough cut stamped • Sliced • Moulded


Our new projects team can cater for full service production, from sourcing new materials and packaging design, to brand image and labelling.

Liquid Soap

Hand Wash Shower Gel Liquid Detergent ...

Customization Service

Part of some hot fragrance for customization.


Our Advantage

▪ Provide your sales with free online product training ▪ Flexible, customized approach to product development ▪ Create new products of different types that meet market needs ▪ GMPC standard dust-free factory ▪ Superior raw material selection and quality control ▪ Mature production process, high control of product quality ▪ Best price for production, guaranteed terms and quantities ▪ Support in all phases, one-stop turnkey solutions ▪ High volume production with fast delivery

R&D Supplier

To set up a contract production under your own brand, come up with an idea or concept reflecting your vision of this product. Our engineers will develop the composition of the future product in accordance with your requirements, and a team of designers will design the packaging.

Pre-Production Support

We offer a pre-prepared formula or create one based on the customer’s wishes. Once the terms of reference have been agreed, we make several trial versions of the product in our research laboratory. After the customer selects the optimal variant, we launch the product into mass production in accordance with the desired volume.

Production Control

Our production facilities include semi-automatic and automatic production lines for different kinds of natural cosmetics. Technological capabilities of our company allow to use biologically active elements in the formulation, providing the best efficiency, safety, environmental friendliness and usefulness of the products for the end users.

Leading Factory On Hotel /Airline/Travel Amenities

Since 1998, we have been focusing on improving the travel experiences of customers, continuously improving our products quality and service efficiency, and bringing more distinctive and comfortable experience to customers worldwide.


workshops according to GMPC, ISO standard


production lines for packaging and filling.


certifications by global authority.


square meters production base with production, sale, research and development center.


pieces of cosmetics for daily capacity.


We are making our greatest efforts to offer you the quality made products at good price. We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets.If in doubt, please see the following FAQs

Q: How long will delivery take?

SOHO Soap factory produces handmade soap bars using the cold process method. This production method of handmade soap requires around 4 to 8 weeks from the start of an order till delivery. Majority of the turn-around time is due to the need for cold process soap to cure. In soap makers terms, curing the soap is for the water content in the soap bar to slowly evaporate over time. This causes the soap to harden making it last longer, produce more lather, and just be an overall better bar of soap.

Q: Can manufacture soap using our custom recipe?

Yes, We can manufacture your soap using a custom recipe provided by you. We can base on your soap recipe to manufacture, cure, label and get it ready for you as a one stop station soap manufacturer. The cost of a customized soap manufacturing will be provided to you by calculating based on the ingredients needed. Rest assured that the cost will be cheaper by getting it produced by SOHO. We are a wholesale supplier of soap making ingredients in China.

Q: Are you able to provide the soap labels as well?

Yes, SOHO is a one stop private label soap manufacturer in China. Not only do we produce the soap, we can also print and package your soap as well. The end product soap that you receive can either be a ‘ready-to-label’ soap bars or ‘ready-to-market’ soap bars with printed labels containing your custom logo and label design at a nominal cost. Feel free to contact us to discuss what are the different options available for you. Once an order is placed with us, we will handle all the production needs and send you the ready product.

Q: Can SOHO produce liquid soap for our company?

Yes, SOHO is a private label liquid soap manufacturer based in China. We are able to produce vegetable based liquid soap for you. Our liquid soap bases are earth friendly, biodegradable, free from harsh chemicals can be used for showering and hand washing as well. It is an excellent for home, corporate gifts, guests, hotels and spas.

Q: Are you able to produce other private label personal care products?

Sure! We produces high-quality quality bath products,Body care products,Hair care products, Face care products, Hand&Foot care products, Men care and Gift set products. Feel free to contact us about your needs for all of these products and to private label them with your brand and design. We’ve already spent the time formulating, batching, and manufacturing these products so you can simply label and package it all and launch your new line of ready-to-sell products.

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