Liquid Level Line Selection

1. Completely invisible holder 2. Simplified structure &convenient installation 3. Security & anti-theft


1. Anti-theft Sanitary Easy to use 2. Non-refillable 3. No one can get in touch with liquids.

ECOSAVER Floating Soap Dispenser System

● Completely invisible holder
● Simplified structure & convenient installation
● Security & anti-theft

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Invisible Soap Dispenser System

* 3-5S quick bottle change, convenient for housekeeper * Made from 50%-100% recycled plastic,with liquid level line * Locked pump and closed system offer hygiene * New CPSR certifcate support

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New Floating Dispenser System - Sustainable & Fashion

The holder color is customizable, and there are multiple design styles to choose from, making it possible to match all hotel styles.

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