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Since 1998,SOHO has been focusing on body scrub production and has developed a series of high quality body scrub products for customer satisfaction.


One-step Solution for Scrubs' Customization

Professional customization service for scrubs.

What Body Scrub can we provide for you?

We are able to formulate body scrubs suitable for all skin types. We only use natural ingredients that do not damage the skin and that are environmentally friendly. Whether you want a sea salt body scrub for a deep skin cleaning of the skin or a soft sugar body scrub, we can work in order to find the best formula for your needs. Based on your scent preferences we have various different aromas for our body scrub products. We have a large palette of natural scented oils that can transform your shower ritual into a very pleasant experience. -Using 100% guaranteed only natural and organic ingredients -Create a unique formula made to your needs -Design your aromatherapy suited to your product and client base

Customization Service

Part of some hot fragrance for customization.

Part of some hot formula for customization.

Different kinds of scrubs which we can supply

colorful body scrubs, sherbet body scrub, ...

Our Advantage

Discover Hairolette’s Story

– Flexible, customized approach to product development – Create new products of different types that meet market needs – GMPC standard dust-free factory – superior raw material selection and quality control – Mature production process, high control of product quality – Best price for production, guaranteed terms and quantities – Support in all phases, one-stop turnkey solutions – High volume production with fast delivery

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a great opportunity to launch your own brand and increase the assortment of popular cosmetic products with minimal costs. It is optimal for small and medium-sized businesses that are not burdened by a large budget, as well as large entrepreneurs. Choosing this service will allow: * start your own brand in a fastest way * save time and focus on other areas of the business: marketing, sales and etc. * certify the product without extra effort * avoid uncertainty at the launch of a new product Contract manufacturing is a great way to make an exclusive corporate present to colleagues, business partners, and potential customers. Cosmetic salons and private masters working at home will be able to provide themselves with high quality and safe cosmetic products.

R&D Support

To set up a contract production under your own brand, come up with an idea or concept reflecting your vision of this product. Our engineers will develop the composition of the future product in accordance with your requirements, and a team of designers will design the packaging.

Pre-Production Support

We offer a pre-prepared formula or create one based on the customer’s wishes. Once the terms of reference have been agreed, we make several trial versions of the product in our research laboratory. After the customer selects the optimal variant, we launch the product into mass production in accordance with the desired volume.

Production Control

Our production facilities include semi-automatic and automatic production lines for different kinds of natural cosmetics. Technological capabilities of our company allow to use biologically active elements in the formulation, providing the best efficiency, safety, environmental friendliness and usefulness of the products for the end users.

Why Choose Us

Established in 1998, we were the first factory in China.

Leading Factory On Hotel /Airline/Travel Amenities

Since 1998, we have been focusing on improving the travel experiences of customers, continuously improving our products quality and service efficiency, and bringing more distinctive and comfortable experience to customers worldwide.


workshops according to GMPC, ISO standard


production lines for packaging and filling.


certifications by global authority.


square meters production base with production, sale, research and development center.


pieces of cosmetics for daily capacity.


Export Experience

Since 1998, we have been focusing on improving the bath experiences of customers, continuously improving our products quality and service efficiency, and bringing more distinctive and comfortable experience to customers worldwide.

60 million

Output per year

se unique methods and made great efforts in keeping the cuticle intact in the production, which can make the hair last 1-3 years.


Quality Assurance

From raw material collecting to the final packaging step, Hairolette hair extensions keep our full strength and enthusiastic to make sure our products with 100% perfect.

Environmental certificate









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