What is GRS (Global Recycled Standard)?

2024-01-11 | Product News

GRS (Global Recycled Standard) is a global recycling standard that ensures fibers used in products are sourced from recycled materials and comply with sustainability criteria. It’s a certified tracing recycled system of production and sales.

GRS packaging represents eco-friendliness and high quality, offering sustainable solutions for hotel supplies🌍


✅ Why Choose GRS?


Now GRS has been well known in quite lots of business cases and industries - EU has promulgated plastic tax law in 2022 and the Washington state just issued a new regulation that all the daily chemical products(8oz or over 8oz) plastic packing should container at least 15% PCR.


✨ Advantages of GRS


1. Products with GRS trademark easy for you to say it is true recycled products as it has been certified. 

2. GRS focus on sustainability and recyclable tracking system, it could help you to win big chain tenders who concern about sustainability development

3. Products with GRS trademark in some country may avoid the plastic tax, increase your profit. 

4. Transactions of certifications ( TC) could be issued with certain conditions, could be traceability


Join us in making a collective effort for a better world! 💪🌿



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