Upcycles Coffee Grounds into Hotel Toiletries - True Waste Into Treasure Resource Regeneration

2024-01-23 | Product News

Upcycles Coffee Grounds into Hotel Toiletries - True Waste Into Treasure Resource Regeneration


Soho turns coffee grounds, a plant ingredient, Into stylish and beautiful products & packaging.

We use 20% coffee grounds material in our new product packaging, reducing the use of plastic.                             


Coffee grounds, despite being referred to as "grounds", actually have several advantages : 

* Environmental-friendly: Coffee grounds can be used for composting or as fertilizer, promoting recycling and reducing waste.

* Body exfoliant: Coffee grounds can be used as a body scrub, removing cutin and leaving the skin smoother.


Coffee Grounds are widely used in body scrub and cosmetic package, bottle, tube, jar, dry amenities...


Reducing our environmental footprint has never looked so chic! From elegant cosmetic packaging to luxurious hotel dry amenities, our commitment to sustainable solutions continues to redefine the industry. Join us on this green journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future. 


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