🌟 Unleash Your Brand with our Packaging Creativity! 🌟

2024-03-12 | Company News

🌟 Unleash Your Brand with our Packaging Creativity! 🌟


At our Packaging Creative Workshop, we have a dedicated team of professionals focused on crafting unique packaging solutions. We're committed to offering customers a complete range of packaging options. Whether it's logos, designs, or messages on bottles, our printing machines ensure precision and reliability in every detail.


Our production line includes 5 PET bottle machines, 2 PVC machines, and 8 PETG/PE machines - a total of 17 pieces of equipment. Together, they achieve a monthly capacity of 3 million bottles. Additionally, our 7 bottle cap machines ensure product integrity and safety.


In addition to bottles and caps, our 7 printing machines, including silk screen, hot stamping, and labeling, add a touch of personalization and branding to our products.


We are dedicated to providing not just products, but comprehensive packaging solutions to elevate your brand image and satisfy your customers. Contact us today to discover more about our capabilities and services.


🌐 Website: www.yzsoho.com

πŸ“§ Email: sales@yzsoho.com

πŸ“ž Tel: +86-0514-85559281


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