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Jiangsu Soho international group Yangzhou Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998. Jiangsu OPPEAL Daily Cosmetics Corp., Ltd is our headquarters, which is a listed manufactory group (stock code 834462) for daily cosmetic in Yangzhou. We aim at “REALIZING A BETTER WORLD BY ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY”, going beyond our products in our fight against climate change. We continue the fight in our own unique way as well. We take action to preserve the planet through environmental policy advocacy, promoting environmental awareness and local participation in conservation efforts, partnering with other movements and organizations and more!


Soho In Figures

We take pride in manufacturing top quality drinkware and outdoor products with our superior resources and we are always forward-looking.


76+ Production Lines

25 years of productionexperience


R&D Center

Provide international standard testing 12 designers output 500+new products per year



Rich certificates for system and products

Sustainable Business

We take a circular view to ensure less waste for our planet - from ingredient selection to product design through to how it's packaged and shipped to you. We also try our best to push for lower prices for the eco-friendly products. We hope we can provide sustainable but cheap products to help our customer increase their brand value and reduce the cost to improve their product competitiveness because we know that only by this way, the sustainable work can be last.

Healthy & Sustainable Formula

We are committed to making safe, clean products that deliver real results, free of ingredients linked to harmful health effects like hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation. Beyond that, we care for the overall environment, prioritizing ingredients that are ethically sourced, of non-animal origin, and cruelty-free; we use sustainable or renewable bio-based sources wherever possible. Further, we prioritize ingredients that are biodegradable, are non- persistent in the environment, and don’t have potential to accumulate in animals. Our ingredients are screened for non-GMO feedstock and residual pesticides.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Almost 300 million tons of plastic is being produced every year. A lot of that plastic is necessary to make useful things that last. But all too often, the plastic we use ends up in the wrong place. Right now, our oceans are filling up with plastic that degrade into smaller and smaller pieces of microplastics. If nothing changes, by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in our oceans than fish. We are committed to developing sustainable solutions for cosmetic packaging so that less post-consumer packaging waste will be produced. You can reduce, reuse, recycle, replace or compost your products to a better future.

Not Only Eco-Friendly But Also High Quality And Safe

Adhering to the concept of standardized production, DR. OPPEAL has already obtained a series of authoritative certification in the industry of personal care and hotel supplies, like ISO14000, ISO9001, ISO22716, GMPC, RSPO, COSMOS, FDA, SASO, SEDEX, GRS, OK COMPOST and CPSR, ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGE and other test reports. With strict internal training and external inspection, formed good manufacturing standards.

Green Production

Dr. Oppeal spent heavily to bring in wastewater treatment facility. Water quality reaches the national safe emission standard. Make sure COD ≤400, then discharge. Cooperate with professional Solid waste disposal company. Using professional harmless treatment equipment to treat solid waste, to make sure environment safe.

Not Only Eco-Friendly But Also High Quality And Safe

Professional quality control team and robust traceability system. The highest standards in quality and performance is executed strictly in our internal all production procedures from raw material supplier audits to raw material input to semi-finished product production, and final finished product inspection, it throughout the lifespan of each product. Our production and cosmetics have reached the highest standards in quality of well-known certification Authority.

Soho In Actions

We work hard to find new ways to push eco-feriendly business.

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